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The Beaufort scale or windiness by numbers

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Beaufort scale Mean speed (knots) Description term State of Sea Wave height (feet)
0 0 Calm Like a mirror -
1 2 Light airs Slight ripple (1/3)
2 5 Light breeze Small wavelets (1/2)
3 9 Gentle breeze Large wavelets; Crests begin to break; a few white horses 2
4 13 Mod. breeze Small waves; becoming longer; more frequent white horses 3
5 19 Fresh breeze Moderate waves; longer form; some spray 6
6 24 Strong breeze Large waves; White foam crests; extensive spray 10
7 30 Near gale Sea heaps up; foam from breaking waves streaks along wind direction 13
8 37 Gale Moderately high waves; foam in well marked streaks 18
9 44 Strong gale High waves; crests of waves tumble over; spray affects visibility 23
10 52 Storm Very high waves; great patches of white foam in wind; tumbling sea becomes heavy and shock-like. Visibility more affected 29
11 60 Violent storm Exceptionally high waves (medium sized ships lost from view behind waves) Sea covered with long white foam patches; bad visibility 37
12 oh shit Hurricane Air filled with foam and spray; sea completely white with driving spray; visibility very seriously affected. 50 +

The Beaufort scale and what it means.

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