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Find out what the Aberdeen coastguard rescue team actually does ;o)

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A brief summery of how teams are organized

Coastguards are formed into Coastguard Rescue Teams (CRTs), which are situated at strategic locations around the coast, and are equipped to deal with incidents and rescues appropriate to the risks associated with local coastal terrain and shoreline activities.

Most teams with cliffs are trained in Rope Rescue, teams with mud may be formed into mud rescue teams. Teams may have a number of capabilities addition to the water rescue and normal search capability.

Each CRT has an initial response capability for investigation, surveillance and reporting purposes (to the Maritime Operation Centre) and in some locations where there exists a requirement for an initial response only, then small CRTs known as Immediate Response Teams have been established for this purpose.


Below is a list of tasks we may be asked to perform

  • Rescue of persons close inshore and in tidal waters.
  • Assisting with persons threatening to jump from bridges
  • Searching for missing persons, ordinance, chemicals, etc reported by members of the public. (All terrain types)
  • Dealing with any of the above once found. (i.e. rendering first aid, cordon off area, perfrom rescue, etc.)
  • Guiding other rescue resources onto a casualty's position. (i.e. burning vessel offshore.)
  • Manning of helicopter landing sites for medical and other emergencies.
  • Setting up and manning of helicopter emergency landing sites.
  • Advising the public on dangers they may come across on or near the coast.
  • Provide communications links for other services.
  • Assisting other services (Ambulance/Police) to complete their task and any other tasks we are asked to complete. (The standard catch all)

Any of the above tasks may be undertaken at any time of the day or night, in all weather conditions.

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